Challenge November - Let's Get Active

We are finally out of lock-down and now it is time to get active and healthy.
Join us as we walk, run, climb, swim, and X-Train to challenge ourselves for our health, to build awareness and raise funds for cancer research!
Join us for Challenge November, by undertaking one of the fitness challenges below, or designing your own and donating to a worthy cause.

Challenge November
Get Fit with Kouta - During November Kouta and some special guests will be X-Training the E.J. Squad and posting a video of the sessions on our website on the Monday of each week throughout November. 
Join the challenge by clicking on the link for your own session and get fit this November. Help us spread awareness by sharing it with your friends and donate to the challenge or support one of the E.J. Squad in their fundraising efforts!

Get Fit with Kouta


Challenge November  
Get outdoors & active with the kids
In Victoria the strict lock-down laws to fight COVID-19 have been lifted!  Now is the time to get active!
Most kids have missed out on community sport for the year so why not get outside for a kick, run, ride, swim or any healthy activity with your kids for 30 minutes each day in November. Get friends to support you and donate to the E.J. Whitten Foundation.

Get outdoors & active with the kids

Challenge November
Choose your own Challenge
 -Set yourself a physical challenge for November. Walk, run, swim, ride or even climb. Get active and ask family, friends and colleagues to support you and the Foundation. 

Ambassador Campbell Brown climbed Africa's tallest Mountain in 2019 and this year he is trekking to the summit of Australia's tallest mountain, Mount Kosciusko!  

Tell us your challenge for November via email on with your name, contact number and your challenge and we will add you to the Challenge November team. 

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